J Badal & Co delivers Audi R8

J Badal & Co Ltd delivered a beautiful Audi R8 to one happy client this month.

The car was on order for just over two months and arrived in our showroom to be fitted with the latest Audi technology.

Simply more than just a big engine!

The Audi R8 is a supercar from a dying breed. While the 4.2-litre V8 is a focal point of the car, there’s much more to the R8 than simply a big engine.

It’s as useable as an Audi TT on a daily basis, if you can live with the running costs, and its ease of use would put some superminis to shame. Quattro four-wheel drive means it has plenty of traction and grip, but unlike many fast Audis, it’s enjoyable to drive on track. It’s nimble and agile, while the V8 packs a punch that’s accompanied by a thrilling V8 soundtrack, especially if you go for the R8 V10 Plus.



A car that will definitely stop traffic in Mauritius!

Upon receiving delivery of the R8, we couldn’t but help ourselves by taking the “beast” for a quick spin. The sheer power and not to mention the handsome characteristics rolled heads whilst we basked in its refined aura. We wish we could have kept it for a few more days!

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